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Sunny Texas is one of the worst places to really have a broken air conditioning system.  Sometimes the system just stops working and it gets really frustrating, especially during summertime.

That’s where we come in. Local businesses and homeowners across Allen, TX know they are able to turn to the experts at Air Conditioning Repair Pros Allen for high quality repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

Over the past few years, we’ve been the go-to company for a wide selection of solutions linked to HVAC systems. We’re proud to note that the Air Conditioning Repair Pros brand is synonymous with quality and great customer service, and we work hard to keep our stellar reputation.

Best AC Repair Services Near Me

Your AC unit can break down without warning at any given moment for various reasons. To many homeowners, those reasons don’t really mean anything to you. You just want to get it fixed so you can get back to enjoying your day in comfort.

As your trusted heating and cooling contractors in Allen, TX, we’re well versed in the many conditions that can impact an HVAC system and are well equipped to tackle them.

Perhaps you can find unusual sounds coming from the machine, deficiencies in airflow, or maybe there’s water leaking into your room — in any event, we’re the experts to call. We work quickly to recognize the problems and make the necessary repairs or part replacements so there’s minimal disruption to your day.

Looking to lower your utility bills?

The most truly effective method to decrease monthly electrical bills while increasing energy efficiency is through regular system maintenance. Get this part of your annual home care plan. We have a planned service program to help you achieve a high level of comfort, so you do not have to worry about your AC failing in the middle of summer or your boiler suddenly leaking.

Make the most of our customized system designs

If you’re constructing a brand new property or renovating an existing one and you need to incorporate an enhanced heating and cooling system, we work with you to find out the proper specifications for your equipment. Our recommendations will always take into account your financial allowance as well as your own personal preferences.

Your own time is valued and respected

Are you frustrated with contractors who don’t arrive punctually, or appear to waste yours with poor workmanship? We have a team of experienced project managers to oversee your specific job as opposed to our from begin to finish.

Looking for new AC or heating systems? We are AC Repair Pros Allen. Call now at 972 280 7634 today.

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AC Repair Pros Allen took care of our broken gas furnace within 24 hours. The price was reasonable and the technician was very friendly and efficient. I’ll definitely utilize them again!

Susan T.


We had an incredible experience with Air Conditioning Repair Pros Allen. The summers here are scorching and when our central air system stopped working they got us up and running quickly! Great service!

Robert W.

If you need a fast and reliable AC repair contractor, make sure to contact Air Conditioning Repair Pros Allen! We’ve been using them for several years and couldn’t be more happy with the type of service.

Mary S.